Developing an Alexa “Skill” will be the first venture into voice for many brands. Currently, most brand-owned skills rely solely on Alexa’s voice to communicate. Even with 27 new voices launched in a developer trial from Amazon, it’s worth considering … Is one of these voices really your brand’s voice?

At this point, it’s uncertain whether Amazon will make it easy for brands to implement a fully customised voice. But it is worth being ready if they do. And even without this capability, it is already possible to make your brand stand out, by including your own audio logo into your skill.

The complexity of developing an audio logo should not be underestimated, Visa spent a year developing their signature sound for mobile payments.

And while voice-enabled smart speakers are driving our current focus on sound, it is important to remember that your brand’s audio DNA extends so much further. From sounds used in products, to apps, advertising, websites, music in videos and in-store. An audio logo is just a starting point for unifying your brand’s sound across all of your touchpoints.

Marketers will now need to prioritise their brand’s audio identity just as highly as its visual identity. Ensuring that everything we hear and see, holds the brand’s character and values at its core. The most successful brands will consciously create a holistic audio universe, rather than thinking about voice-enabled opportunities in isolation.

Nicole Conroy

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